Mercado Payday Loan

Payday Loan is a popular financial product for its easy accessibility- why not try these out. You can get an amount of up to CZK 70,000 with a maturity of 13 and 16 months.

Money paid out immediately after signing the contract

Mercado Loan bets on the speed and simplicity of payouts. You will receive the finance immediately after signing the contract. The purposeless character also gives you the chance to spend money on anything – family vacation, car repair, the purchase of home furnishings and many other things. An integral part of the provided services is also an individual approach when handling the application.

Refinancing of old liabilities

Mercado Loan is so universal a product that you can refinance your unfavorable debts with it. Even in this case, great emphasis is put on the minimum of administration and the rate of payout. Choose your target amount, choose your due date, and have your money delivered to your home. That’s exactly what a new Mercado loan looks like, which is linked to a high level of personal data protection and overall security.

Payout table

  The amount of the loan Repayment period Monthly payment Interest* RPSN * Total *    
  20 000 CZK 13 months 2 600 CZK 25.85% 189.4% 34 600 CZK I am interested in  
  30 000 CZK 16 months 3 450 CZK 21.0% 146.7% 55 200 CZK I am interested in  

Loan amount: CZK 20,000 Repayment time: 13 months Fee: 2 600 CZK Interest *: 25.85% RPSN *: 189.4% Total *: 34,600 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: 30 000 CZK Repayment time: 16 months Fee: 3 450 CZK Interest *: 21.0% RPSN *: 146.7% Total *: 55,200 CZK I am interested in

Get a Mercado loan of CZK 20,000 with a maturity of 13 months. The interest rate will be 25.85% and the APR 189.4%. You will pay a fee of CZK 800 for the conclusion of the contract and a handling fee of CZK 4,400. Cash withdrawal will cost you 3,800 CZK. The monthly installment is CZK 2,600, so you pay a total of 34,600 CZK.

frequent questions

Who is the Mercado loan suitable for? For anyone who wants to quickly get to the finances without the unnecessary circulation of banks and the search for many confirmations. The loan is suitable for people with permanent income from employment, but also for pensioners and women on maternity leave. What will I need papers? You should definitely prepare an ID card and also a second identity card (for example, driving license, passport, health insurance card or birth certificate). How long will I get my money? The average delivery time is 48 hours from the application. The money will get your salesman home. Loan Amount CZK 5,000 – 70,000 Maturity 13 – 16 months Interest from 21% RPSN from 146.7%.

Questions and answers about taxation in crowdlending

Fiscalidad en crowdlending The new investment market has multiplied the available financial products.

The possibilities within the alternative investment are allowing each type of investor to have a product adapted to their characteristics and needs.

Crowdlending is one of the sectors with the greatest fans of the new panorama. For the investor, the result of crowdlending operations involves obtaining a return based on the interest paid by the company being financed.

Being relatively new operations arise several insecurities at the time of making the income statement. If you are already an investor and you have doubts about taxation in crowdlending, your withholdings, possible deductions or how to declare the benefits, continue reading!


How are Crowdlending investment operations taxed?

How are Crowdlending investment operations taxed?

The taxation of the return obtained through crowdlending operations acts like any traditional bank deposit and must be declared as income from movable capital . Therefore, the benefits of the operation are subject to the Personal Income Tax (IRPF).


How do I include the data in the statement?

Data from crowdlending investment operations are included in models 123 and 193 . In the first instance it is the company that has the obligation to declare this information. However there are platforms that work to simplify and help during the process, for example, in the case of investing through MytripleA, we are the ones who perform all the relevant operations to facilitate the procedures both to the company and to the investor, taking care of retain and declare to the Treasury the 123 model quarterly and the 193 model with an annual periodicity.

From MytripleA we provide all investors with all the individualized and disaggregated information of all withholdings made in each company in which you have invested. As an investor you will find the data automatically in your Income Tax Return, you only have to collate the data and verify that the information you receive is correct and matches in both cases , only in the case that any data is missing you will have to add it to your statement.


How should I declare the interest generated from investing in crowdlending?

How should I declare the interest generated from investing in crowdlending?

The company that is financed through crowdlending must make the withholdings corresponding to the period (in our case, they are retained directly by MytripleA). The interest accrued in this type of alternative investment is included in Law 35/2006, therefore they are subject to withholding tax, whose figure is not fixed, but varies over time. Currently the retention practiced is at 19% .

The taxation of the profits obtained through the investment in crowdlending is taxed as income from movable capital , that is, they operate in the same way as the returns obtained in a bank deposit.

At the time of making the income statement, the income obtained will therefore be added to box 39 of income from movable capital. If it is necessary to include the amount by hand, it should be put in box 31. Although it is true that it can be dropped directly in box 25 and it will be correct because either way they end in the 39.

Now we explain what happens in the event that the result of the investment is negative.


How do I declare the losses obtained when investing through crowdlending?

There are mainly three situations that allow to recognize a patrimonial loss in investments through crowdlending:

  • When a deed established in a judicially approved refinancing agreement becomes effective.
  • When in a competitive situation, the agreement in which a withdrawal or conclusion of the insolvency proceeding is concluded without the credit being satisfied has been met, unless the conclusion of the insolvency is agreed upon for the causes established in the insolvency regulations.
  • When the term of one year has expired since the beginning of the judicial claim procedure (other than the contest) without it having been satisfied


Is there a tax deduction when investing in crowdlending?

Is there a tax deduction when investing in crowdlending?

Currently in Spain there is no possibility of making deductions for investing in coAmpanies through crowdlending. However, in other countries of the European Union, as in the case of England, private investors who invest in companies have access to a tax deduction on their income tax return.


If you still have doubts or need guidance during the realization of your income statement, in MytripleA we will be available to help you and we also recommend consulting your tax advisor. If you also want more information about crowdlending investment, download our guide to invest in crowdlending!