Rules and conditions for high-cost credits

Since September 1, 2018 – after a few years of investigation – new and stricter rules for fast loans apply. The purpose is to protect yourself as a borrower. This applies both to protection from rogue actors and from – yourself! You and your bad judgment (Nothing personal). With the new law, a high-cost credit […]

Rates and Conditions of the Tax Exemption Booklet

Which regulated booklets to choose? Tax-exempt booklets are all regulated by the state, which sets the rules for interest rates and operating characteristics. Note however that only booklets A, LDD (sustainable development booklet), LEP and young booklet are also exempt from social security contributions. We propose you to take stock with the tax-free booklet and […]

Contract of Life Insurance: Rate and Taxation 2019

The multi-support life insurance contract appeared about thirty years ago. The yield of contracts in euros is shrinking, insurers have been ingenious in expanding their offer to the stock market and real estate. The crisis has curbed the collection of an operation that no longer seems to be favored by investors. Diversity It is a […]

Mercado Payday Loan

Payday Loan is a popular financial product for its easy accessibility. You can get an amount of up to CZK 70,000 with a maturity of 13 and 16 months. Money paid out immediately after signing the contract Mercado Loan bets on the speed and simplicity of payouts. You will receive the finance immediately after signing […]

Questions and answers about taxation in crowdlending

The new investment market has multiplied the available financial products. The possibilities within the alternative investment are allowing each type of investor to have a product adapted to their characteristics and needs. Crowdlending is one of the sectors with the greatest fans of the new panorama. For the investor, the result of crowdlending operations involves […]